تصميم متجر الكتروني | Bigcommerce vs Shopify Review With Pros and Cons

تصميم متجر الكتروني | Bigcommerce vs Shopify Review With Pros and Cons

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In this video we’re going to do a review and compare Shopify and BigCommerce. So these two are probably the biggest juggernauts of online stores and hosting online stores and if you’re going to go with one of the two I recommend if you’re going to go with a store that’s a hosted shopping cart I recommend going with one of these two and I’ll reveal at the end of this video which my pick is but first let’s go over the pros and cons of each of these. So let’s start off with Shopify.

Pros of Shopify
– Better credit card rates you get a better credit card processing fees when using Shopify which means you make more money from your online store it’s a pretty big deal now the difference between Shopify and Bigcommerce isn’t huge as far as how much it is you can do more research into that if you want but it does exist. So you’ll make a little bit more using Shopify
– Better and cheaper templates. BigCommerce is a little bit the templates there are a little bit more expensive and from what I’ve seen in my research Shopify has better templates and since the template is a very big part of your online store it’s going to be what your online store looks like at least before you customize it that’s that’s a pretty big deal
– Better add-ons and apps once again this is a really big deal because there’s add-ons that you can add your store things such as being able to leave ratings things such as Apple as people are checking out saying hey if you like this you might also like this things that aren’t built into Shopify you can pay a little extra money and get them as an add-on and Shopify has way better add-ons way better apps that go into it basically then bigcommerce does
-It integrates with Pinterest product listing ads in a ton of things for whatever reason and maybe it’s because it’s more popular and that is actually probably the reason Shopify is more popular and it tends to integrate into more different and better platforms being able to sell on Pinterest very easily is a huge advantage being a low sell product listing ads very easily is a huge advantage though BigCommerce does have some of that as well. So let’s go over the pros of Bigcommerce now.

Pros of Bigcommerce

-Better out of the box and that’s a really big thing you can do gift cards on the lowest tier you can add gift cards you can do built-in ratings real-time shipping quotes these are all things that on Shopify you have to pay for. So with Bigcommerce out of the box it’s better than Shopify in a lot of ways
-Better abandoned cart at least from what I’ve seen out of the box then Shopify does. So that’s another big advantage. So let’s hope partnerships with Alibaba not something that’s really important to me but it might be important to you basically what it allows you to do a Bigcommerce has this partnership where you can buy stuff and kind of buy inventory from Alibaba it’s a little bit more of a seamless integration you can do some extra research on that if you’re interested but let’s go into the

Cons of Shopify

Some of the cons of Shopify you’re going to need third-party apps like I said out of the box Bigcommerce is pretty good it was Shopify you’re going to need a lot of apps not my favorite thing in the world there’s fees for using third payment a third payment like gateway which honestly you probably don’t need a third payment gateway you should just go to Shopify. So this isn’t a huge con but if you do go with a third-party payment system it’ll be a problem now a Bigcommerce some of the cons are selling limit on the basic plan is fifty thousand dollars what that doesn’t make any sense to me you shouldn’t be a limit to how much you can sell if you if the basic plan is appropriate for you if you let it sell as much as you want.

Cons of Bigcommerce

there it’s got a much smaller user base than Shopify which means a lot of things which means they don’t have quite as much money to develop the platform to make it better which means there’s not going to be as many apps which means it’s not going to be as many integrations. So that’s a big thing a big advantage of being on a platform that’s very popular such as Shopify is a lot of people use it which means there’s a lot of help a lot of forms out there helping you have you know on how to use it there’s a lot of communities that are 100% around Shopify. So keep that in mind when making your decision.
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